The top 18 offline games for iOS and Android

For those of you who still want to play games even when you are not connected or have reached your internet allotment, offline games are a solution.

Curious? Let’s look at the 18 suggestions for the top offline games that Android and iOS users can play, all of which are, of course, free.
Best Offline Game Recommendation

The following offline games, as summarized from the play.google.com page, can be an option for those of you who still wish to play regardless of the situation. The following 18 offline games are suggested for Android and iOS users:

1. The Ghost Case

Ghost Case is the first offline Game on the list of suggested titles. This may be the greatest suggestion for those of you who enjoy puzzle games. In order to unlock the mysteries in each Game, players only need to think attentively and in-depth.

2. Nowhere’s House

This Nowhere House game by Dark Dome depicts the tale of a girl who gets stuck in another reality. The goal of this Game is for players to assist women in leaving that dimension.

3. IQ Dungeons

This offline Game is likewise very easy and straightforward. Even one hand can be used to play. Similar to Brain Out, each Game in IQ Dungeon requires you to solve riddles solely.

4. Knock! dig! Meine Museen!

Bang and dig One offline Game you must play is My Museums!, of course. In this Game, players take on the role of archaeologists. To find dinosaur fossils and place them in the player’s museum is the task.

5. Alto’s Odyssey

The offline Game Alto’s Odyssey is a sequel to the Alto’s Adventure series. Players won’t get frustrated while playing this Game. To get to the destination, players merely need to launch Alto in the desert and gather points.

6. Limbo

This offline Game may already be well-known among gamers. One of the most played offline games is called Limbo. However, minus VAT, players must pay IDR 67 thousand for this Game.

7. Ace Commando

You may infer from the title that this offline Game is a shooting game, but unlike PUBG or Mobile Legend, there are no other players to contend with. There are currently dozens of levels in this Game that you may play without needing an online connection.

8. Stiff Pants

This offline Game appears to be pretty simple to play at first glance. But who would have guessed that putting together Steppy Pants would be so difficult? Curious? Come on, give this challenging but soothing offline Game a shot.

9. Bars of cat food

Players in this offline Game are asked to assist the cats in selling food. A small restaurant might grow into a huge one with all the necessary amenities. The graphic design of this Game will also spoil players because of the appealing colour schemes used.

10. Defense TD for Kingdom Rush-Tower

Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense TD is the following offline Game in which players must defend their territory from invading forces. Detikers must attempt to construct a region to either assault or merely protect against foes aiming to infiltrate the kingdom’s borders.

11. Minecraft

Originally, this offline Game could only be played on a computer, but now it is also available for mobile devices. This Game gives players the freedom to construct whatever type of building they can think of using their imagination.

12. The Game Subway Surfers

When it first came out, this offline Game was quite well-liked. A player is being pursued by an irate inspector and his dog in the video game Subway Surfer. Players must concentrate on fleeing on the subway line while dodging oncoming trains.

The graphic display is vibrant and exciting to interact with. Even some characters are capable of fast acrobatics.

13. Mind Off

A game that can hone the mind is called Brain Out. Even some of the Game’s puzzles put the player’s logical thinking skills, accuracy, and originality to the test.

14. Zombie Hunter: Killing Game, Chapter

You have to battle a pack of particularly ferocious zombies in the offline Game Zombie Hunter: Killing Game, which is quite scary. The zombies you face will be more powerful and possess lethal abilities if the level is greater.

15. Go Piano Music

One of the best games ever is this suggested offline Game. Just complete a song with the tiles that come on the screen in this easy music game. Depending on the level being played, the speed of the tiles will alter.

16. Crossy Road

On Google Play, this offline Game has been downloaded 100 million times. This HIPSTER WHALE game has straightforward graphics and gameplay elements, making it simple for everyone to play. Players merely need to direct the chicken-like character through the congested streets at the appropriate level.

17. Shadow Fight 2

The offline RPG/fighting game Shadow Fight 2 is quite difficult. Gamers have the option to employ a variety of weapons, armour, and abilities. When playing this Game offline without an online connection, the storyline is also highly captivating.

18. Beach buggy competition

The background of this offline Game, which incorporates the theme and concept of racing, is a beach. With power-ups accessible in each racing circuit, Beach Buggy Racing offers six different racing modes.

These are the top 18 offline games for Android and iOS that Detikers should start playing right away. With offline game entertainment that can be played whenever and anywhere, you no longer need to be bored if you are not connected to the internet.

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